Mechanicsburg HS Student of the Month - August


Name: Brennin Eyink

School: Mechanicsburg High School

Grade: 9th Grade

Age: 15

Sports: Golf, Basketball, and Baseball

Claim to fame/honors: 2-time medalist as a freshman 

Words you live by: Get better every day!

Toughest opponent: Fairbanks Golf

Biggest Influence: My Grandpa Dave when it comes to the sport of golf

Game-day rituals: Eat a good lunch, try to get to the course early for some putting and chipping practice

What’s on your bedroom walls: Sports Posters of all kinds (Dak Prescott, Joey Votto, Lebron James)

When I’m bored I like to...Play video games (MLB The Show)

Favorite movie: Major League (favorite movie)

Favorite TV show: Quick Pitch (MLB Network)

Favorite musical artist: Travis Scott

Favorite thing to read: Sports Illustrated (Magazine)

Favorite home-cooked meal: Dad's Steak

Favorite restaurant: Rooster's

Whose mind would you like to read? Mr. Hershberger 

Place where you’d love to travel: California

Talent you’d like to have: Dunk a basketball (talent)

Favorite school subjects: Science and Social Studies

Favorite athlete: Cody Bellinger (Favorite Athlete)

Favorite team: Cincinnati Reds and Ohio State

Something in the world I’d like to change: Violence around the country

Favorite sports moment: Throwing a no-hitter in 13U travel ball

Favorite junk food: Ice Cream (junk food)

Best thing about your favorite sport: competing with your friends